Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas gets... A+!

Christmas was great! Nana, Papa, Gran and Grandad were all there, with Mama and Dadoo of course, and we had so much fun! I got LOTS of presents! I also got to do lots of fun things like sledding, hanging my stocking, snuggling with my grandparents and playing with the Christmas tree ornaments! I also got to visit with Grandma Grace who is 100 years old! Wow! She must be really smart, because I'm only 14 months old, and I've got a lot of stuff figured out. Anyway, Christmas is really great; I had a great time with my family and I hope everyone had a really good Christmas with their families!

Monday, December 13, 2010


December has been pretty good so far; although I'm not really into wearing my snowsuit or mittens. I think summer and fall were better seasons for clothing (or lack of clothing). Anyway; these days I play with my friend Cambria a lot, and we go to a playgroup or the library and play with fun toys. Sometimes Daddy is home and we play at the park if it isn't too cold. Also, Daddy taught me how to colour with markers! Other times, Mummy is too busy to notice that I'm getting into mischief and dumping flour on the floor; then I get in trouble. Right now I have bronchitus and have to take banana flavour medicine and a puffer. So, overall, December has it's ups and downs; Mummy says Christmas is coming! I hope it will be fun!