Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wild Animal

A WILD ANIMAL got into our garbage yesterday! It was very scary, because Mummy says you never know what kind of trouble a WILD ANIMAL might get into. The animal was a bear, and while I love teddy bears, I wasn't so sure about this wild bear.

Mummy and I watched the bear for a while; eventually he smiled at us, so we tried to make friends with the bear.

The bear enjoyed ripping up Mummy's flowers, and eating snacks. He also liked to hear the birds and the wind in the trees.

After a while, we thought the bear was tame enough to come indoors, so we invited him in for tea and snacks. The bear met Nana and Papa, and had a lot of fun playing games and snuggling with them. They gave him a monkey so he wouldn't feel lonely for other wild animal friends.

The bear loved tea time and snacks; his table manners were a little on the poor side, but once we taught him to sit AT the table and not ON the table, he did fine.
I like this WILD BEAR a lot, I think Mummy is going to let me keep him.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Great Outdoors.... the backyard and beyond

It's Spring and I can walk! I wear big boy shoes now. I love going to the park with Mummy and Daddy and Cambria and Mummy's friends. I like to chase the birds and pat the "uppies" (puppies). I like the sounds the birds make and there are so many things happening, like flowers growing, and people on bicycles, and lots of smells! I also like to run away from Mummy and have her chase me, then I scream and laugh when she catches me. I think I'm going to like Spring.