Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trying to Stay Cool in the Heat 1

Cambria and I have been trying to stay cool; sometimes we splash in the cold water,
sometimes we eat cold icecream, and sometimes we dance to cool beats (or fall down to cool beats). Turn up your volume so you can hear the music!

Monday, July 11, 2011

My First Camp IAWAH Experience

We had a vacation at Camp IAWAH! Dada was the speaker for the chapel time at Camp last week, so Mama and I got to tag along and it was super great!!! I spent every day at the beach and got to do all kinds of things like build sandcastles, find and throw seashells, go for canoe rides, play soccer, and go on a trampoline! I was very brave and went in the water up to my chest! I ate in a dining hall with 80 boys campers; the food was yummy and all the staff and campers were very nice to me. We had a room with a bunk bed, but Mama said I'm still too little for bunk beds, so I put my toys on it. We also saw deer and baby deer, crayfish, snakes, chipmunks and a beaver. Nana and Papa visited us while we were there, which was really fun too. I like Camp IAWAH A LOT!


Friday, July 1, 2011

What else I was up to in June...

June was such a busy month!
The trip to BC was super fun, and when we went home, we just kept on having fun!
Here are a few things I've been up to:

I had lots of fun with DadDad (Grandad) and Nan (Gran) while Mama and Dada went to a wedding.

I went to the zoo with Auntie Coco (Corin), Mama and Dada. I saw monkeys, camels and weird birds! I tried to pet the goats and donkeys, but I was a little scared.

We went on a hike, but Cambria and I got bored, so we went to the beach instead! I LOVE the beach, I like to move the water and sand around and feel the sand in my toes.

I learned how to become a CHAMPION by putting on a yellow headband
(ask Daddy about this one!):

I visited the Rideau Canal Locks with Mama and Dada; I learned about boats, and washed my hands in the water and walked across the locks!

I went to the Skeleton Park Music Festival, and my friend KiKi (Kristy) helped me make an Elmo flag at the kids craft area! It was AWESOME! (the music was good too).

And last but not least, we went STRAWBERRY PICKING! This is now my very most favorite thing to do ever. I ate one million strawberries. They were delicious.

Well, thanks for tuning in! Summer is turning out to be a lot of fun; I hope to see you soon!
love: Noah