Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DadDad, CoCo and MoMo!

In August, I got to visit with lots of family! Grandad (I call him DadDad) came for a visit, and brought yummy blueberries and a pop-up book about fish! It was nice to have a visit with him; now I try to call him on my toy telephone: "Hello? DadDad?"

Then we went camping at Sandbanks with Auntie CoCo (Corin), MoMo (Marchand) and Aria and Cheyanne (I call them "Ah-E-Ah" and "Minni"). There was SO MUCH SAND! We played in the water and I slept in a tent and fed my cereal to the fishies and ate outside! It was very fun, but I think I'll have even more fun next year when I'm bigger.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Relaxin' and Readin'


Wolfe Island Adventure

(click on a picture to see a larger version) Last week, Cambria was away, so Mummy and Katie and I went on an adventure to Wolfe Island! We had to ride on a big boat to get there. It was really interesting, I liked climbing the stairs and looking out over the water.

We bicycled on the island, and found a nice place to have a snack and put our feet in the water. I like Katie, she is fun and takes good care of me.

I like bicycling; I have a special seat on Mummy's bike, and my own special bike Hat!
I like to say "GO!" and "FAST!" and talk about the things I see like "TREES!" and "SKY!" and "BIRDS"! On the way home, it rained and we all got wet! But I didn't mind. It was such a fun day! I hope we go to Wolfe Island again soon!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Fun with Friends and Family

I like summer; it seems like we have a new adventure almost every day!
Last weekend we went to Nana and Papa's house, and helped them chop up a big tree that fell over. I tried to help, but they didn't have any work gloves in my size, so I played with Nana instead.

We went for a big walk down the road and found train tracks and even saw a real train! Choo Choo! It was so loud!

I balanced on the tracks and threw the rocks around; it was really fun!

Back home, Dadda, Mama, Gran and I went to the beach; the sky was really neat, I liked the clouds and tried to tell everyone what shapes I saw in them. The summer sky is so blue and the clouds are so pretty!

I like playing with Gran! We went to a new park and played all over the climber, fed some ducks in the water, and coloured pictures with markers! It was a fun time! I can't quite say "Gran" yet, so I call her "Yan."

Dadda takes me swimming! I like sandy beaches with stones and shells; sometimes the water feels very cold, and other times it feels like a bath.

Even food in the summer is different! I get to have ice cream cones and we eat outside a lot; picnics are fun, but sometimes I get distracted by birds and the sky and the water, so it's hard to stay still and eat during picnics.

I like to play with my friends too; Ezra plays in the park with me, and he's really good at sharing.

And of course, Cambria and I have lots of fun, especially in the sandbox!
Well, I'm off for more adventures... hope to see you soon!
love, Noah.