Monday, January 28, 2013

January 2013: highlights and lowlights

This new year, 2013, has had some serious ups and downs already, and it's not even February yet!

Our friend Liz came to live with us! Hooray!
I helped her paint her room.

 Our car, Baby Elantra, died which is sad, but we got to get a new car: I've named the new car "Trudy Wagon".  She has heated seats, which Mama says is really good.

In January, Dada had pnemonia and was really sick for a long time.  I had bronchitus and an ear infection, but got better fairly quickly.  Mama and I played together alot while Dada was sick; we even played "Boy in a Bag!"

I got a new costume! I'm a SHARK! Rarrrrghhh! I play "Shark" with Mama and Dada, there is a lot of biting and screaming and chasing.

 Momo, Coco and Mini came to visit! We had SOOOOOOOO much fun!!!!!!  We had yummy treats, we played outside and even got some new toys at the second hand store!  I love having visits with them!

I went skating for the first time!!! It was really hard but I will keep trying.  Maybe it won't be -20 degrees outside next time!


Well, that's all for 2013 so far; try to stay warm everyone, and if it snows where you live, enjoy it!

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